First Consultation


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Q & A

1Q: How long does the call out take?
A: We allow one hour for the call out. During this hour we will discuss your requirements with you while looking at the areas you want to focus on. We can then take a dimensional survey of those areas.
2Q: When do I need to pay?
A: The full fee is payable on the day by cash or cheque or prior to the call-out by bank transfer.
3Q: What does the survey involve?
A: This is a dimensional survey where we measure the floor area of the house you wish to focus on and take some photographs for reference.
4Q: If I have drawings can you use them?
A: We can only use computer or CAD Files and even then we would have to spot check measurements. Paper drawings would have to be transferred onto the computer and therefore it’s easier and more accurate to do the survey ourselves.